Coinfloor API

Coinfloor Trading Technology

Unique, robust and scalable technology is at the heart of Coinfloor’s exchange. We continuously focus
our expertise on refining and improving all aspects of our services with one aim in mind: Execution Quality.

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Coinfloor offers HTTP and WebSockets Application Programming Interfaces (API) that are optimised for ultra-low latency connections. Access keys are available on the dashboard page which can be used in conjunction with your password to access our API.

We provide native libraries and sample clients in popular programming languages for your use. Also there are a suite of non-official third party libraries available.

Coinfloor trader

Coinfloor Trader BETA

Coinfloor trader is a minimalist, robust and powerful trading interface specifically built for Coinfloor that works on multiple operating systems. A great tool for day-traders that enjoy fast and reliable execution.

*Requires Java 6 or greater installed


Xchange - Financial trader API

XChange is a Java library providing a simple and consistent API for interacting with over a dozen Bitcoin exchanges providing a consistent interface for trading and accessing market data.

Reliable and robust execution

We are a team of people who are passionate about staying on the cutting edge of technology and employing the latest techniques to ensure high software quality. Our methodologies include test driven development, continuous deployment, code review and audits.