Easy signup to Coinfloor to start buying Bitcoin in the UK through Autobuy. Stacking sats to accumulate Bitcoin

Step 1

Download the Coinfloor app and get your Autobuy deposit details in minutes.

Coinfloor easily buy Bitcoin with Autobuy with just a few clicks

Step 2

Log into your banking app and use your Autobuy deposit details to set up a recurring standing order.

Track the long term price of Bitcoin and smooth out the short term volatility by using Autobuy

Step 3

Sit back and watch your bitcoin balance grow


Autobuying is one of the safest ways to buy Bitcoin. A £70 weekly Autobuy, starting 3 years ago, would have netted you over £26,000 of Bitcoin - All for the daily cost of tea and cake ...

BTC appreciation/ rise in value over time

... In contrast, the British Pound Sterling, far from being a store of value, has lost over 93% since leaving the gold standard in 1971 - it lost about half its value in the first 5 years alone!

GBP depreciation/ devaluation over time
Sep 20, 2021

Road to Bitcoin Hegemony: Hegemony is here

Hegemony is here No one really knows when an era ends. Not at the time, anyway. The character of a […]

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Coinfloor Secure Vault

Bitcoin Basics

Coinfloor’s education section provides a straightforward guide to Bitcoin, how to start investing and trading, and what to look for in a trustworthy exchange platform – as well as the key qualities to look for in a cryptocurrency.

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Bitcoin savings by stacking sats

Bitcoin Recommendations

For the more curious looking to explore what Bitcoin can offer, we’ve compiled a handy recommendations list of information websites and Bitcoin services for you to browse through at your own leisure. The list is based on the values that we hold true to ourselves: Trust. Reliability. Security.

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