After months of hard work, we are proud to announce the launch of our consumer-focused Bitcoin investing services and our no-nonsense crypto education platform, underpinned by the our industry leading bitcoin audits. We have decided to provide consumer Bitcoin services after our decision last December to delist Ethereum and focus on creating services around the world’s most respected cryptocurrency. 

Speaking of the new focus, Obi Nwosu, Founder & CEO of Coinfloor said: “Too many of our peers provide questionable, complicated and dishonest services to try and exploit novice consumers. Our goal is to give everyone in the world a way to access and learn about Bitcoin and its benefits, minus the industry BS. We are launching some awesome and innovative products for consumers to do this, but it’s just as important to honestly educate people about crypto in clear language and reduce the complexity that’s prevented widespread adoption and stopped Bitcoin from fulfilling its incredible potential.”

We are going to continue offering our current range of services aimed at professional traders, but will also launch a new range aimed at retail customers, starting today with our No BS Education guide and our unique Auto Buy service in March. This will coincide with our – cue drum roll –  six-year anniversary of publishing monthly bitcoin audits (“Proof of Custody” reports). 

The updated product breakdown is as follows:

For Everyone

  • Auto Buy™ (Launching in March): A quick, simple and unique automatic bitcoin buying service – the most hands off and hassle-free way to invest in Bitcoin. 
  • Custody: Multi-signature bitcoin custody, independently verifiable with our industry-leading “proof of custody” bitcoin audit service, as standard.
  • No BS Education: Free access to simple and credible knowledge to find out about Bitcoin and Crypto, minus the Coin BS.


For Advanced Traders

  • Trade: A powerful Bitcoin exchange based on our tried and tested trading engine technology.
  • OTC: An easy way to buy and sell Bitcoin over the counter, using a super-simple purchasing service.
  • Fiat Accounts: GBP current accounts specially tailored for cryptoasset focused companies via Enumis.
  • API: Automated trading via API integration to the Coinfloor trading platform and exchange services.

Talking about the products, Obi adds: “Bitcoin ought to represent the biggest revolution in money in centuries, but the revolution has stalled because accessing Bitcoin today is such hard work for everyday people. Most services available today are clunky, complicated, and confusing for new entrants into the space; what’s more, much of the industry is awash with BS and unreliable advice. Bitcoin will never fulfill its potential until it achieves widespread adoption, yet most of the industry seems to be intent on making the process of buying, trading and investing in Bitcoin as confusing as possible through distraction, misdirection, and over complication”.

“We want to set the record straight, and help people recognise the value of Bitcoin which extends far beyond the volatility for which cryptocurrencies are best known. That’s why we’re building an awesome range of easy-to-use products that are designed to take the drama out of buying Bitcoin. Coinfloor makes it easy for anyone to sign-up, learn about the Bitcoin market and Bitcoin itself, and protect their investment from day-to-day market fluctuations. With Coinfloor’s robust technology platform, our world-leading bitcoin audit track record and our straight-talking, no-BS approach, we reduce the stress and uncertainty out of buying and trading Bitcoins, and make it as boring as possible”.

As part of this update, Coinfloor has also reduced minimum GBP deposit amounts for its professional trader customers from £1000 to £250. This will ultimately provide greater access to its complete range of services.