In this blog post we summarise a few Coinfloor updates from the last few months. We are always looking for feedback and take those suggestions on board where possible.

Autobuy – Different age demographics and those new to Bitcoin generally are looking for an easy way to get into Bitcoin. Autobuy is our implementation of DCA to help make Bitcoin buying easy while also offering a way to make recurring buys, thereby enabling a simple way to build a Bitcoin holding.

Autobuy received some great feedback and we’ve enjoyed seeing a wider range of users make use of this easy way to buy Bitcoin.

Autobuy Sweep – One feature that was requested, was a way to easily buy Bitcoin and move it to an external wallet, and so make it easier for users to hold their own Bitcoin. We accomplish this with Autobuy Sweep.
Once enabled, this means any Autobuy (above our Autobuy Sweep minimum) is withdrawn to your registered Bitcoin address.
Please see our FAQ section for more information

Affiliates – Some of the feedback we received was that those who were being referred, didn’t have their own incentive to do so. With our changes, we now allow users to sign up with an affiliate link and receive 30% off Autobuy fees for the first 3 months. With Affiliate commission now at 21% for 3 years, it means both you and the person you refer, benefit.

Bech32 Withdrawals – This is another feature that has been requested, which has recently gone live. This gives greater flexibility in terms of the Bitcoin wallets and addresses you can withdraw to.

Updated Exchange View – We’ve made changes to the view on our Exchange page. You can switch between trading views by clicking on “GO TO LEGACY VERSION” or “GO TO NEW VERSION”.

If you have any any feedback or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Image Credit – The blog post image is from Roman Kraft, on Unsplash.