Today we are happy to share some changes to our Exchange and trading platform.
For most, your experience will not change, though if you are using our API then you will need to move over to V2 of our API – please see here to learn more.

There are a number of enhancements in the V2 API that have been added in response to requests from our API users and normal users alike. For a full list please read our Coinfloor API documentation.

One of the most requested features was to move from 4 decimal place to 8 decimal place Bitcoin (BTC) values. Since we were founded in 2013, Coinfloor has supported Bitcoin values of 4 decimal places. At the time, the maturity of Bitcoin made this a sensible choice.

Now it is time to move to 8 decimal places for BTC values in order to futureproof the Coinfloor system and to take advantage of the rising adoption of “satoshis” as the preferred subunit of Bitcoin.

N.B: 1 BTC equals 100M satoshis or sats (eg. 0.0012 BTC = 120000 sats).

The API V2 upgrade and changes, including support for 8 decimal place BTC values, are being deployed in February, for the latest information please see our Status Page.

It’s been over a year since Coinfloor re-focused on Bitcoin and it has been exhilarating seeing the reaction from our customers and the community to making this transition and to the launch of our Autobuy (Dollar Cost Average) service.

We are excited to continue travelling with you all on the journey ahead as we watch Bitcoin continue to gain more acceptance and adoption as a first class store of value.

– The Coinfloor Team