Coinfloor App promotes Bitcoin adoption with quick and intuitive signup combined with “easy invite” functionality

LONDON – 12/07/2021: Coinfloor, the UK’s longest-running Bitcoin exchange, is tackling one of the last major barriers to Bitcoin adoption with the launch of a new app that makes it incredibly simple and quick to start investing in Bitcoin.

Coinfloor App removes the stress and complexity that has long been a hallmark of the Bitcoin signup process. While exchanges require users to prove their identity by uploading documents and photographs, Coinfloor’s new app guides the user through the entire process and enables them to use their device’s camera to take selfies and record documents. It then automatically uploads them all in one go without the user having to shift between devices, turning the once complex and frustrating sign-up process into just a couple of clicks.

Once they have completed the quick, intuitive signup process users can view and manage their Bitcoin investment, buy one-off amounts using the Single buy function, or set up automated regular purchases with Coinfloor Autobuy. The app makes it easy to copy payment details across to your banking app, enabling users to set up standing orders in just a few clicks. Meanwhile, the app enables fingerprint and facial scan authentication, making it fast yet secure to access.

The new Coinfloor App is the latest development in the company’s mission to remove the barriers to adoption following its move in 2020 to concentrate exclusively on Bitcoin, improve the experience for new and existing users, and to educate people about how to start their Bitcoin journey. To support Coinfloor’s commitment to educating new users about Bitcoin, the app incorporates a range of clear, at-a-glance dashboards including Bitcoin’s total market capitalisation, price moves within the last 24 hours, and comparisons with world currencies such as the pound and dollar.

“Many people want to start investing in Bitcoin but get no further than the time-consuming and stressful process of signing up to an exchange,” said Obi Nwosu, Founder and Managing Director of Coinfloor UK. “This has long been Bitcoin’s Achilles’ heel because it gives people the false impression that investing is complex and confusing, and this more than any other factor has delayed widespread adoption.

“The Coinfloor App was designed to remove this last remaining barrier. It not only makes the entire signup process faster and easier by an order of magnitude: we have also incorporated functions like dashboards and one-click social sharing that helps us turn any user into an evangelist for Bitcoin, helping them explain the benefits of Bitcoin to friends and family and showing them how easy it is to get started.”

The Coinfloor App is available to download from Google Play and iOS App Store. To download the new app, visit:
Google Play –
iOS App Store-


Coinfloor is the UK’s longest established Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange. Founded with a focus on trust, security and reliability, our goal has always been to create a safe and accessible place to trade and invest in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Coinfloor’s history goes back to 2012 when we experienced first hand the challenges of buying, selling and trading bitcoins in the UK, and wanted to build a business that solved this problem.