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Access market-beating bitcoin liquidity in £, € or $

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Buy or Sell large blocks of £100k+ via our OTC market, for BTC or other crypto.

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A GBP Corporate Account specially designed for crypto-focused companies

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Access Corporate Liquidity

Coinfloor partners gain access to the world’s most trusted crypto exchange, together with market-leading liquidity for even the larger trades of £100,000 or more in £, € or $. Founded from the beginning on a commitment to honesty and transparency, and conducting independently-verified bitcoin audits, Coinfloor is the only crypto partner you’ll ever need.

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Buy and Sell on OTC

Buying and selling large blocks of Bitcoin and other crypto should be as easy as any other financial transaction. With Coinfloor’s OTC service, we make large block trading of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies fast, simple and intuitive, no matter the value of your trade.

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Fiat Accounts

Coinfloor provides GBP Corporate Accounts, through our partnership with Enumis, that have been specially designed for crypto-focused companies, enabling them to easily exchange Bitcoin for fiat currency.

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Corporate Account Managers

Crypto can be complicated, especially for those making their first foray into the market. Coinfloor is dedicated to helping our partners navigate the complexity of Bitcoin, with dedicated account managers who take the time to understand your needs and help you achieve your organisational objectives.


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